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Join the Adventure!

The Zombies are HERE!!!! We need you to come aboard the Zombie Battle Wagon, with individual, bolted down paintball guns loaded with zombie killing paintballs to help eradicate these flesh eating zombies that are taking over Mercer County! You will be on a tractor drawn Zombie Battle Wagon with 15 other people, your entire team must work together to shoot live zombies and other targets as the tractor takes you around Drew Farms. Do not let them overrun your vehicle! A drill sergeant will instruct, and encourage your team throughout the entire ride. Each person will receive a pod of 100 paintballs to last them throughout the ride. Paintballs are included in the ticket price, However you can purchase an additional 100 paintballs along with your ticket for $10. There will be one last chance, half way through the ride to purchase additional paintballs, but it will be cash only at that point. No personal paintballs or guns will be permitted on the ride.

Included in your ticket price are: Your ride on the Zombie Battle Wagon, 100 paintballs, bounce house, cow train ride, hay bale play area, Zombified picture of yourself and multiple campfires.


The government was working on a cure for a deadly secret virus but instead they made a mutant virus which turned the test subjects into flesh eating zombies! The government tried to cover up their snafu and hide the zombies in a remote location deep in the woods at Drew Farms. The Zombies are out of control and we can no longer keep them at bay by ourselves. Come join us for Zombie Fight Night to eradicate these Zombies and win the battle of Zombageddon! We need your help to save the world against Zombageddon...

By joining forces with us you will become a member of the Z.A.P. Team (Zombie Annihilation Program) to save all mankind!

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Battle Times & Tickets:

Tickets Prices:

    Zombie Paintball $17.00 + processing Ride Along $5.00 + processing


The tickets are timed tickets — this means no standing for hours upon hours. We strongly suggest you purchase your tickets online as we may sell out and only have a set number of tickets per hour, to help cut down on wait time. When you select a time for your tickets you will get your ride sometime within that hour, approximately. There will be a small processing fee for each ticket.

Location Drew Farms, 356 Bower Rd, Fredonia, PA
For more information: Text 724-475-2489 Email

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Zombie Paintball Ride FAQ

Will I get shot at on this ride?

No, you shoot paintballs from mounted paintball guns at stationary and moving targets. You don't get shot. Our paintball guns are mounted so that they can only be shot away from the wagons.
Will I need eye protection?

No, you do not need eye protection.
Is this ride messy? Do I need to bring a change of clothes?

This ride is not messy as you are doing the paintball shooting but will not get shot.
How many paintballs do I get for the ride?

You receive 100 paintballs included with the price of admission.
Can I buy extra paintballs?

There will be an opportunity to purchase more paintballs.
Is this ride for all ages?

This ride is for adults and children. Parents, please use discretion based on your knowledge of your own child. If your child is able to pull the trigger on the paintball gun, they will be able to participate. Some parents whose children might be more afraid during the dark prefer to take their children on the ride during the day.
What if I have never used a paintball gun before?

Instructions will be provided regarding use of the mounted paintball gun and when to load. Those who break the rules will forfeit their ticket and be asked to leave the park.
Is the ride only available at night?

No, this ride is available during the day and at night. Some people prefer to do the ride during the day so they can see the targets better.
How long is the ride?

The ride lasts approximately 20 minutes.

We HIGHLY SUGGEST buying your TICKETS ONLINE in advance. This will speed up your process to get on the Zombie Wagon.